Naam:Kyt Lyn Walken


She is an Official Representative for Hulls’ Tracking School
as an Instructor, Tracking Specialist and tracks for Conservation Rangers Operations Worldwide
(NGO, based in Texas) as a Certified Ranger!

Kyt has been an outdoors enthusiast and tracking worshiper since childhood. She is still daily amazed by the amount of the possible use of this ancient art and Science.
Sept. 2015 she has attended her first Man Tracking class with Scott Donelan Tracking School – European Division;
June 2017 she took part to Tactical Acuity C-IED Class held by David Michael Hull (Hull’s Tracking School) And JC Nash (Enhanced Tracking Applications) in Faber, Virginia.
December 1st 2017 she has been entitled as “Official Representative of Hull’s Tracking School“, teaching her own basic and advanced Tracking classes all over Italy.

July 2018 she has become Conservation Ranger after attending a two weeks course in Poland led by C.R.O.W. (Conservation Rangers Operations Worldwide), becoming familiar with the South African Tracking method.
In 2019 she has taken part to a Forensic Course with Robert Kendall, former UK Marine and Forensic Adviser.

She runs her own courses (basic and advanced, SAR and FORENSIC) in Europe and she is author and speaker of Radio Podcast, spreading awareness about the benefits of Tracking and the importance of wildlife and environmental conservation.
She is a true devotee of dirt time and never misses her chance to do practice in any terrain, from majestic forests in the Alps to the desert of Nevada and grand prairies of Texas.

We have the opportunity to learn the fine details of tracking both man and animal from one of the best!

“Learning to read signs enables everyone to choose a safe route in life, staying safe and avoiding dangers”
-John “Lofty” Wiseman